Intensive Couples Therapy

29 Mar

 Intensive Couples Retreats are great solutions to help you improve your marriage and your connection with your partner. A couple's retreat is usually a 5-day long event focused on supervised couples counseling, usually overseen by a marriage counselor. Many marriage retreats will benefit many married couples to help them learn and know each other on a deeper and more sensitive level, which is usually done in a discrete and safe, separate environment from the typical stressors of life. By taking a couple's retreat, you'll be able to receive invaluable support in your personal relationships and strengthen your bonds with your loved ones. Also, by learning how to effectively communicate with each other, you will have the ability to address your problems quickly and effectively so that your relationship has a much higher chance of healing itself. 

 Most marriage retreat centers offer couples counseling either on their own or in group sessions. Couples retreat centers often also offer meditation classes for couples that are struggling with emotional issues that are preventing the two of you from properly connecting with one another. While some couples may find it helpful to take individual counseling, most couples retreat centers do a wonderful job of making sure that you will not only receive individual counseling but also a large group of people who will work together to make sure your marriage is truly headed in the right direction. Intensive couples retreats are also usually very affordable, allowing any couple to attend at their own pace, as well as to fit it into their budget. Gain information at

 There are several top couples retreats available each year. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been proven to effectively change the way one feels about themselves and is very beneficial in improving relationships. The weekly An Affair of the Heart couples therapy workshop gives you the opportunity to use some of the techniques taught by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who has been a psychologist for close to 30 years. Dr. Dyer uses his unique style of marriage counseling to get couples out of the rut they are stuck in and allows them to feel comfortable opening up to each other. Many couples who have attended weekly Emotional Freedom Technique retreats also report being able to go on to have successful marriages even after they have been married for several years. 

 Another top Intensive Couples Retreat is called "Skyrocket Your Marriage" and is held every other month. This weekly couples therapy retreat is held at the beautiful Andover Country Club and is led by nationally recognized therapist, Pam Hendrixson. Pam has had her own successful marriage and has been in the business for over 20 years. During her intensive workshops, participants will learn how to quickly and easily change the way they think and feel so they can immediately begin developing new and beneficial relationship skills. 

 The Andover Country Club holds several intensive retreats every year and one of them is scheduled every month. There is also the highly regarded Walden University, which holds weekly couples counseling retreats and has been offering this particular service for over 10 years. Some other highly regarded top providers of intensive Emotional Freedom Techniques are The Hudson Valley School of Psychology, The Psychology Institute of Massachusetts and The Behavioral Therapy Institute. If you are interested in attending any or all of these Intensive Couples Retreats or any other marriage seminars, be sure to check with your local area for information on availability and cost. You may also find information online to give you an idea of what options are available to you. 

 Many people have found that going on a weekend getaway to an area with intensive Emotional Freedom Technique training is very helpful in helping them to grow together as a couple and build a stronger foundation for a loving and healthy relationship. Couples who attend these intensive sessions find that their lives change drastically and they start to make major positive changes. These couples therapy retreats offer you a chance to learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique and how it can change your life for the better. Couples Retreats offer you the opportunity to get some much needed venting and the chance to clear your minds to make communication easier for you and your partner. You may click here to ask us.

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